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Aluminum roofing sheet

Stone coated Aluminum roofing sheet is one of the best roofing sheets designed to add beauty to your mansion and stand the test of time. Stone-coated aluminum roof sheet comes in various colors, designs and thicknesses the choice is yours.

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Stainless steel Railings

Stainless steel railings is a modern railings fabricated and installed on balcony, staircase and work ways. esteelfas is committed to give you a quality stainless steel materials that will stand the test of time irrespective of your environment or location.

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Solar Carport

Solar Carport is a modern carport designed to serve dual purpose for cars and solar panel installation.

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Wrought Iron railings

Wrought iron railing is an ancient artistic fabrication, highly symbolic and significant. Wrought iron stands the test of time and always appears beautiful. In fact, is for Matured mind . Freemangeo venture specializes on fabrication and installation of wrought iron railings of any design.

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Laxer cut designs

Lazer cut designed plate is a modern style of adding beauty to your mansion. Lazer Cut designed plate has different outstanding designs and easy to be installed by Freemangeo Ventures.

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H Channel comes in different sizes, thickness length and grade depending on job or fabrication specification

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Mild steel pipes


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