10 PLACES NOT TO BUY LAND IN IBEJU-LEKKI written by Isaac Abimbad


written by Isaac Abimbad

Lagos state values its land alot and rates it as its own gold. But land fraudsters in Lagos have deployed so many tricks to dupe people if you fall into their net. These are people who will come up with forged or fake title documents to deceive and coerce them into buying problematic lands. Some of these land don’t have excision. They are actually government land but the fraudsters don’t care, so long as they can get money from their victims.

You will lose your money acquiring these lands and incur the wrath of the Lagos State Government for buying a Land that is not supposed to be sold to the public.

This week, we shall be writing on 10 areas where you should be careful when buying land, especially in the Ibeju Lekki axis.


Igbekodo is a very lovely place in Ibeju Lekki close to Siriwon village. It’s opposite the golf course. The land is very dry and not too far from the beach. Did I also mention it also has an approved excision?

There are so many people who have bought land there as investors hoping to resell in future but it has come at a heavy price. Igbekodo is one of the most notorious places where you would find land fraudsters reselling people’s lands with impunity.

Once you buy a land there and you don’t fence it immediately, be rest assured within a month your land would be sold to another unsuspecting person. They have no remorse and would brutally deal with you once they smell you are weak or a novice when it comes to land transactions. But you may likely not experience this if you go through the proper channel.


Kaiyetoro village is another lovely place in Ibeju Lekki with its own Excision that has attracted a lot of investors but the sellers of land there, specialize in selling people bad lands that are committed, especially lands the government has set aside to build housing schemes.

During one of our searches,  we found out that most of these lands marketed by the sellers fall within the proposed IBEREKODO GOVERNMENT SCHEME. It’s like buying a land that the government intends to construct the next Gowon or Jakande Estate on. It simply means the property would be demolished by the government and the land seized with no compensation.


Olokonla is a very popular place within the Ajah Environs and Ibeju Lekki. A lot of middle class Nigerians are located there that have constructed high brow properties. Because of this,its not out of place to see Olokonla properties everywhere for sale but unknown to so many, the proposed 4th Mainland bridge goes through many of those lands there.

So many unsuspecting owners of land and property in Olokonla are totally unaware that their land/property sits under the proposed 4th Mainland bridge.


Oriyanriyan Village is a place in Ibeju Lekki that is up and coming. Loads of investors are rapidly purchasing land there for future business which is normal but why would someone introduce and sell a land that the Government has acquired to build an INDUSTRIAL STEEL PLANT ?

What kind of mad person would knowingly market a land that the government has earmarked to erect a structure that can help develop Nigeria?

So when buying land in this village Check, Double check and triple check these lands with an expert so you wont join the other victims that have been fooled.


Ode-Omi just like Oriyanriyan is another village in Ibeju Lekki that is attracting a high number of investors but land fraudsters have pounced on those lands and deceived a lot of people to buy these lands. Unfortunately for them, most of the lands there have been designated as THE FUTURE SMART CITY in Ibeju Lekki.

Investigate these lands thoroughly with an expert before uou commit yourself.


Sangotedo is a very popular place in the Ajah-Ibeju Lekki Axis and its almost regarded as a premium area for middle class folks. Most of the lands there are generally good lands. It has its own Excision and most of the lands there are dry lands but there are some areas that have been zoned for a Government scheme.

Most people are not aware that a Government scheme is supposed to be located there and in a haste to become a land owner in Sangotedo, they have unwittingly purchased committed lands. It’s advisable to triple check if you are buying a property in Sangotedo to make sure it is free from government acquisition and land disputes. But not all the land in Sangotedo is bad, all you have to do is when buying land there, buy from a credible real estate company with track records and also do check from Alausa.


If you intend to purchase land in Okegelu, please conduct a thorough search to know if you are buying into the part that has an excision unless you would be looking for Lagos state’s trouble.


Ogombo is the home to so many super homes and estates in the Ajah/ Ibeju Lekki Axis. Unknown to many people, there are some properties that fall under the government and some are buying it and these are called the worst part of Ogombo.

They knew the land falls under the proposed MOREMI GOVERNMENT SCHEME but they still went ahead to sell it to these people for almost N32 million. So when buying any property around that axis, ensure to check and double check before paying.


Okun Folu village is close to the famous LACAMPAIGNE TROPICANA resort in Ibeju Lekki. It has an excision and the land is very dry but it also has a large number of fraudsters selling land to ignorant buyers. Many parts of Okun Folu land have been acquired by Government but these fraudsters are always lurking around to resell lands inside the government allocated lands specifically.


In this village, a lot of landed properties have been sold and resold, but little did the buyers know that, part of the land in the village falls under Ilemia government land allocation which will be used in the future for government project. So we advice urgent buyers to always do proper finding when they want to buy land.

– ISAAC ABIMBADE with additional material from the Online Omoonile lawyer.

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